Cue ball control is a website which I have made using wordpress, and of course the beautiful plugins which it has to offer, combined with my knowledge of HTML and CSS and a little bit of PHP which I learnt while theming.

But before that I had made a snooker and pool blog on wordpress which is still available at http://cue-ball-control.blogspot.in/

The main sections of the website can be described as under.

  • Tutorials – A list of tutorials I made which cover various aspects of the game(s). I have used virtual pool 3 stills as images in the various tutorials. I will soon update them with virtual pool 4, I recently bought it, just getting the hang of it now.
  • On Site Games – This is a small list of flash snooker and pool games I found online and in plugins of wordpress. You can play them for free right here. All credits go to the creators of the individual games.
  • Forums – We can start great discussions related to the game in the forums.
  • Social Networking – We can create various groups related to the game.