Stun Run Through

There is another shot, which is similar to a stun shot, but this one is is with just a little bit of follow. It is known as stun run through. In this shot, the more the speed and the distance, the less amount of follow you should put. This shot is extremely important in certain situations. For example, you have a 3 quarter hit on the blue in the center, on the proper side to break the cluster of reds without hitting a cushion. There is a loose red  near the black pocket ahead you, which can be reached by playing a stun run through on the blue. You can also go in the cluster, but play the stun run through if breaking the cluster feels too risky. This shot is somewhere in between stun and follow, closer to stun, that’s why the name stun run through.

Another clear case for a stun run through would be the shot shown below, especially if you are playing on a table which you are completely unaware of. This is a shot on the red from the baulk to make perfect position for the black. Play the shot with some bottom and good speed, such that the CB screws back initially, but starts rolling a little before contacting the red, so that once it touches the red, it travels a little bit to make good call for the black.

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