Snooker – Bridges & some rules

Snooker is a game of strategy and expertise where in every shot, the player tries to pot a colored object ball with a white colored cue-ball using a cue-stick as the striking force generating device. If you have ever played a game of snooker, you must have realized that there’s so much to it, and once you start it, you won’t be able to stop playing it.

There have been lots of times when me and some friends have played snooker for many hours continuously. Its like we are researching something, and of course have nothing else to do. We enter the snooker parlor in the day and come out at evening or sometimes even at night.

This game is not about playing a few powerful shots and trying to impress everybody with just a couple of shots. It is about making points and not letting your opponent get out of his seat, except when you have left him snookered or left the cue-ball tight on the cushions. Well, this would be the ideal case and then you would be able to defeat everybody, but I think you get the point ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can score a maximum of 147 points in the game, excluding fouls. If you start with a free ball, then you can very well score 155 points in the break.

How to play snooker.
You have to play and try to pot a red ball (worth 1 point) at the start of every shot, followed by any colored ball of your choice from yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black ( these 6 balls are worth 2 – 7 points starting from yellow – 2, till black – 7.) Then another red, and another color.This process is repeated throughout the game, until there are no reds left on the table. Then you pot the colors in order from yellow till black for a total of 27 points. Whenever you miss, it is your opponent’s turn. Every shot you play will be started by playing a red ball first, unless your opponent fouled in the previous shot and you are left with a snooker or cannot see the ball-on properly. In that case you can select a free-ball.

Every potted red remains inside the pocket, where-as every colored ball is replaced after a successful pot. This goes on, until all the fifteen reds are inside the pockets. Then you have to start potting the other colored balls (lowest to highest valued) starting from yellow (worth 2 points), then green, brown, blue, pink and finally black (worth 7 points)

So a successful 147 ( the highest score achievable without the initial free ball ) would include potting
15 reds and 15 blacks, then all the colors, so that is [(1+7)x(15) + (2+3+4+5+6+7)] = 147.



  • V-shaped bridge
  • Curly bridge
  • Rail-Bridge (Tight situation, everyone fears it)
  • Over the ball bridge
  • Pocket bridge

This is such a game that even someone who makes a score of just 20 in almost every turn can defeat anybody, if his safeties are extremely good.
Likewise, a player, who even makes big breaks in every game may easily lose to an opponent if his safeties are not good.

Let me tell you that I can give you tips on how to play snooker, if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level player. I myself can say that I am an advanced level player and yet to reach the expert and master levels. I usually make 30-35, with OK safeties (I have made 70-80 at times and sometimes my safeties are great as well).

Stay tuned to know more.
Cya around.

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